Pupil Benefits Plan Student Accident Insurance provides the protection New York students need. Our high quality coverage extends to both public and private schools, pre-K through 12thgrade, and includes all school-sponsored activities, athletics programs, work study, noon hour programs, field trips... even altercations between students. More >


The story of what is today known as Pupil Benefits Plan depicts a very unique journey with tremendous impact on the NYS public educational system. PBP, Inc. was the creation of two gentlemen, Frank Wassung from Norwich, and Robert Wegner from Rosyln. Their idea took shape as a result of a lacerated finger and a patient-doctor discussion. More >


Pupil Benefits Plan Student Accident Insurance specializes in offering students the excellent protection they need and deserve, while providing schools with the best possible value for precious budgetary resources.  We proudly protect nearly 700,000 students in 400 school districts in New York State. More >