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Our Advantages

When it comes to choosing an insurance provider and a plan that fits your needs, it’s important to select one that has a proud business history and is responsive to your needs. Pupil Benefits Plan provides our customers with excellent coverage at the best possible rates backed by fast, friendly customer service.

No matter what type of student accident insurance coverage you need, you should spend time not only investigating the policy and plan options, but the insurance company as well.

As a school administrator, you will probably take some time to do your research so you can make an informed decision. We understand that, and emphasize the importance of your questions. As you explore this section further you will find a company that surpasses the competition in a number of important ways.

Key Facts

Year Founded:  1932
NY Schools Served:  400+
NY Students Covered:  700,000
School Grades:  Pre-K to 12
School Sectors:  Public & Private

Why We're Different

  • We are proud of our 8 decades of commitment!
    Our history goes back to 1932.  Since then we have continually provided New York State districts and their students with ideal coverage that matches their needs and risk profile, and their budget.
  • We have grown and changed with the times.
    One of our key advantages is that we remain acutely aware of the changing needs of districts and the increasing variety of risks faced by today’s students. Our plans and coverage continue to evolve to meet your needs today and in the future. We are very proud of our unmatched history of service and commitment. We’ve built upon our decades of experience to provide our customers with high-quality service and insurance coverage year after year.
  • We are experienced with multiple areas of coverage and risk.
    Pupil Benefits Plan proudly protects nearly 700,000 students and 400 school districts in New York State. Our unique focus and depth of experience means that when you choose Pupil Benefits Plan, you are partnering with one of the most successful insurance companies around. We are connected to you!
  • Our plans offer meaningful coverage for today’s active students.
    With a full range of coverage options, Pupil Benefits Plan can help protect your students from the risks and injuries they face every day.

    Autumn leavesIn-school activities: including classroom accidents, time to and from class on school grounds, gyms class, recess, and student altercations.
    Off-premises activities:
    including travel to and from school sponsored events in school vehicles, including away sports games, field trips, cultural activities, and more.
  • We’re happy to work with local agents.
    It’s a common question and the answer is yes, we sure do. We know the relationship you have with your representative is an important one. Pupil Benefits will work closely with your local broker or agent to come up with the right insurance plan for you – customized with the right coverage to meet your needs and risk profile. We can even customize a plan that provides different coverage for individuals or groups of students.
Pupil Benefits Plan, Inc.